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What is cold-pressed juice?

      At Greenroots' our state of the art hydraulic cold-pressing machine extracts more juice from produce, especially the low yielding greens like kale, spinach and herbs. Our unique cold-pressing process extracts the living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from fruits, vegetables and nuts to produce the smoothest, most delicious and healthy juice you’ll ever taste. More potent, dense in texture, with a vibrant taste, and greater health benefits for the most nutritious juice cleanse.  

      Cold-pressing does not force air into the juice, therefore the decomposition is much slower than a juice from a centrifugal machine which also creates friction that damages delicate enzymes and nutrients. Our juice made from cold-pressing organic produce is bottled in glass and refrigerated to retain all it's natural goodness, allowing the juice to be drunk over a number of days without losing integrity and fulfilling its nutritional purpose.


      Why organic juice?

      Simply put, organic juice cleanses your body in the most pure form so we support certified organic growers in a collaborative mission to bring you the most genuine raw organic juices. Over 90% of our produce is certified organic, and we place a huge importance on choosing organic and spray free wherever possible.

      When 1 - 2 kgs of produce goes in to make a 550ml bottle of juice, it's important to keep it free from the below to ensure you're not drinking a chemical cocktail.  Organic produce is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic fertilisers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionising radiation. It's no surprise that studies reflect organic foods have higher nutritional value and are much tastier than conventionally grown produce.


      Is everything that you make really natural?

      Yes! We use the finest and freshest natural ingredients we can find. We place a big importance on choosing organic produce. Why go to all the effort of creating a healthy juice if you’re going to include toxin laden produce? Organic juice cleanses your body in the most pure form. So we support certified organic growers in a collaborative mission to produce the most genuine raw juices. This means our juices are free of unwanted chemicals, helping you to be too.


      Are your products vegan?

      Yes, all our products are 100% vegan. Our Cashew Dream Mylks are made from organic activated cashew nuts. We love animals, and it is very important for us to stay cruelty-free and no nuts were harmed in the process!


      Do your products contain gluten?

      None of our products contain gluten or gluten-derived ingredients. Our kitchen is 100% free from gluten and no gluten is allowed on site. As our Founder is Celiac, we understand the important of keeping gluten well away from our products. If you are Celiac or Gluten Intolerant, be rest assured that you are safe here!


      Where do you source your ingredients from?

      Over 90% of our fresh produce is bought from local New Zealand growers. Greenroots Juicery is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, where we are lucky to have year-round supply of leafy greens and root vegetables grown in mineral rich soil at the base of the Southern Alps. This means our juice is pressed from the freshest seasonal produce around. This both reduces our environmental impact and supports local communities.


      What is the shelf life of your products?

      Our products have a shelf life of between 5 - 10 days (depending on which juices or pack you choose) from receiving them, as they're pressed fresh to order. Since our products are truly all-natural, cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurised without the use of any preservatives or additives, it’s important to consume the juices while they’re fresh. Please ensure you consume your beverage before the use by date, which is located at the bottom of each bottle. Once receiving your juices, we recommend they are refrigerated immediately.



      We recently partnered with AfterPay to allow you to pay for your purchase in four interest-free installments. AfterPay is available for customers living in the NZ, are at least 18 years old, have a valid and verifiable mobile number, and are using a NZ credit/debit card to make a purchase. 

      To find out more about how AfterPay works, please visit:

      What is Auto-renew?

      There is no quick fix for achieving true wellness. It takes time for the body to repair and regenerate. That's why it's so important to provide your body with the additional nutritional support such as a regular cleanse regime or by adding Greenroots juices into your daily lifestyle to build up and maintain inside out well-being.

      Auto-renew is the most convenient and cost effective way to receive your Greenroots products regularly. Basically, it's a 'subscribe and save' system and when you are on Auto-renew you will receive your Greenroots Organic Juice Cleanses or Juice Packs to your door every week, making it one less thing you have to think about when taking action for your well-being.

      With Auto-renew, you have the flexibility to manage your account at any time yourself. If you need to update your credit card details, change your address details, view your next order date, skip your upcoming order, cancel your Auto-renew entirely, change your selection of Greenroots products or postpone the next order to a specific date, you can effortlessly do this through your online account via any device. To create an online account just place your order for your chosen Greenroots products and choose ‘Auto-renew’, it’s that simple.



      Why should I cleanse?

      Rest, reset and feel renewed! From time to time it’s good to give your body a break from conventional foods and feed yourself pure nutrition that your body can absorb easily. In turn, your digestive system will have a heavily reduced workload and your body will be able to work more efficiently behind the scenes. Brighter eyes, clearer skin, more mental clarity and better everyday performance is just the beginning. If you crave all the ‘naughty stuff’ then this is a great way to kick-start healthier habits, get your glow on and generally feel lighter and brighter!


      When should I cleanse?

      We believe you should always listen to your body. It might well tell you that it’s your time if you’ve been feeling a little sluggish or dull, if you have trouble sleeping or haven’t got your usual energy and glow. Many people like to cleanse with each new season to get into the flow of that energy.  Or choose a regular cleanse day each week or month for a reset or to keep on track.

      Undergoing an extended cleanse of 3-7 days every 3 months is beneficial to keep your health goals on track and give your body the opportunity to regain and renew. Some like to reset weekly by completing a cleanse day each week to set the balance and maintain general health and well-being along with a whole-foods diet and exercise regime. 


      What length of cleanse should I complete?

      If your a newbie to cleansing, you might feel more comfortable starting with a one day cleanse. We specialise in 1 – 7 day cleanse programs. We recommend 3 days + for a deeper cleanse and best results. You can fit it into your lifestyle a lot easier than you think! We understand it can be a little overwhelming at first but once you try it and reap the rewards, you’ll be sparkling with wellness and we guarantee you’ll be penciling in your next one!


      Will my body get all the goodness it needs?

      Just that and more! All our juices are cold-pressed using ancient age-old techniques to create raw revitalising juices. Our cold-pressing process extracts the living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from the freshest seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, super-foods and nuts.

      It's common to feel completely satisfied and fueled during your cleanse due to the quality and quantity of produce you're consuming, although if you do feel hungry at any point, there are some 'cleanse approved foods' you can eat which are outlined in your e-greenroots cleanse guide.  It would be very time consuming for anyone to eat the amount of produce that is in just one bottle of juice. That's where we come in!


      Should I take my supplements and medication?

      We always recommend talking to your health-care provider with any medical questions specific to your concerns to double check cleansing is right for you at this time. If you currently take vitamin supplements then we encourage you to keep up with these routines should you feel the need to but we are confident you will receiving the best nutrition your body can get!


      Are there any reasons I shouldn’t cleanse?

      If you are trying to get pregnant you can still go ahead and cleanse. However, if you think there is a chance you are already pregnant or you are breastfeeding, we advise against cleansing. We do recommend that you consult your physician to be sure our products align with your pregnancy plan.

      If a child is under 16 years of age we recommend the Juice Packs as a daily supplement to add to their daily goodness and ensure they’re getting their 5 a day but we wouldn’t suggest a cleanse at this age.

      If you have ever suffered with an eating disorder or have any illnesses, we advise seeking medical advice first and supervision on completing the cleanse.


      Will I lose weight during my cleanse?

      While weight loss isn’t our main aim here, you will probably be consuming less calories than on your everyday diet and hence may lose a few pounds or more. Your body has the aim of being in homeostasis, and therefore your weight may adjust if required. The main purpose of the cleanse is to increase the intake of quality plant nutrition in the most bio-available form to help you to experience radiance and ultimately inside out well-being.



      When can I expect delivery?

      We deliver every Wednesday and Thursday New Zealand wide using premium overnight courier. To ensure you get urgent delivery our couriers deliver up until 10.00pm at night, so please don't be alarmed with an evening delivery. Just use the calendar at checkout to select a dispatch date. Please allow up to 2 days from your selected dispatch date for delivery.  

      Where do Greenroots deliver cleanses to?

      We deliver our cleanses Nationwide, including:

      • Auckland
      • Wellington
      • Christchurch
      • Hamilton
      • Tauranga
      • Napier-Hastings
      • Dunedin
      • Palmerston North
      • Nelson
      • Rotorua
      • New Plymouth
      • Whangerei
      • Invercargill
      • Whanganui
      • Gisborne
      • Wanaka
      • Queenstown
      • We deliver to all but rural loctions. If you’re rural please contact us so we can arrange delivery to a courier depot in your area.


      How much does delivery cost?

      Cleanses and Juice Packs are a flat rate of $10.00 per cleanse or juice pack. For example: 1 day/1 pack = $10.00, 2 days/2 packs = $20.00, 3 days/3 packs = $30.00. This is discounted rate from what we are charged for using a premium priority overnight courier service. We take the hit as this gives you accessibility to our true wellness!

      When will I receive my delivery?

      Greenroots’ requires you to place your order 2 days before your desired delivery day. To ensure you receive the most fresh and best quality juice, we make each cleanse to order. The default delivery day is the next Tuesday or Friday after the date you place your order.

      How many deliveries will I receive?

      All 4 - 7 day Organic Juice Cleanses are delivered in two separate batches to ensure freshness. All Juice Packs are delivered in one shipment unless you request otherwise.

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